Technician Team Leader - Car Maintenance

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  • 6-8 الخبرة | صيانة
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Technician Team Leader - Car Maintenance

1.Oversee automotive mechanics in maintenance, servicing and repair of vehicles out door activities. 2. Assist in the supervision and operation of the garage, as directed. Advise supervisor of matters deserving attention regarding automotive repairs. 3.Assist in purchasing of repair parts/supplies, and the maintenance of necessary catalogs/records. 4. Advise garage personnel on problems encountered in repairs and servicing. Perform all duties of skilled automotive mechanic following recognized procedures for such work, as required. 5. Cooperate with supervisor to implement policies governing vehicle maintenance. Assist with snow/ice removal operations as assigned. 6. Train and supervise staff as required 7. organize the team jobs and reduction of maintenance time.


mainly English


1. Analytical abilities: These can help you conduct tests and inspections and to diagnose the causes of elusive car troubles. 2. People skills: You'll be involved in customer service and customer relations. 3. An eye for detail: Not only will this help with hands-on work but it can be beneficial in other aspects of the job such as record keeping and maintaining inventory. 5. Coordination: Some work can require a great deal of manual dexterity and fine motor skills. Other work demands strength and agility. 6. Leadership skills: You might be called upon to supervise or teach others.