senior technician - Car maintenance

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منذ 1468 يوم

Alternate Text الخبرة 4 - 6 سنة

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The job is to do technical service & maintenance for general cars with check up in terms of mechanical, tire change electrical aspects. • primary duties and responsibilities for the position: o To be able mechanical services o Managing machinery and tools. o Supervising the technical work. o Making sure of the tasks of the day. • primary duties and responsibilities in order of importance: o Make sure all the products and machines working properly. o Change oil & filter of cars. o Change brake pads & trimming. o Ability to do major service. o Change batteries o Change tires o To do balancing for the tires. o Ability to do diagnoses of consumable parts of the cars o Ability to do diagnoses through device.

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  • الخبرة 4 - 6 سنة
  • الجنس كلاهما

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